Rules and Regulations:

1. All students must wear the school uniform.

 2.  If the student is late after the normal time (7:15) a.m. he/she will receive a late pass to be signed by parents. If the student is late for 2 times, he/she will not be allow to enter classes without parent attendance.

3.  Parents are responsible to pick up their children at dismissal time (1:15) after (1: 35) all students will be gathered with the school administration after calling the parent.

4.  In extraordinary circumstances, if a parent or guardian is unable to pick up a student, arrangements must be made with the Principal or Teacher in advance.

5.   There will be no talking in the morning drill or in the halls after the bell rings.

6.  There will be no stopping for drinks after recess unless allowed.

7.  During recess, all students are to be out to the play ground.

8.  Students are not allowed to wear hats in campus.

9.  Acts such as physical violence, destruction of school property may lead to suspension.

10. Students are not permitted to any sharp or dangerous tool such as knives, lighter or any other things. If anything like that is seen, the item will be confiscate and disciplinary actions will be taken.

11. Students are not permitted to bring radios, tape players, C.D. players, mobiles or any kinds of electronic equipment to school. These items will be confiscate for a whole day in the first time and for the end of semester in the second time.

12. Food and drinks may not be consumed in study halls or classes and a student may not leave a study hall to purchase food or drinks.

13. Students are responsible to keep the class room clean and neat and any action made in purpose will result discipline request such as arranging the classroom.    

14. One of the most important aspects of education is discipline which should eventually be internalized.  Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character. The basic of all discipline is the principal of respect.

15. In order to form proper habits and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be obeyed by every student: 

   -  Respect all faculty members, other students and self.

   -  Courtesy and consideration for all members of the school community.

   -  No chewing of gum in the building or on school grounds.

   -  No student is allowed anywhere in the school building without supervision.


 16. Students must keep the school furniture in good shape. (If damaged or ruined then it must be replaced by the student him/herself).

 17. If a student is unable to attend classes or school events due to illness or death in the family, impossible roads or weather which make travel unsafe or other reasons, parents must notify the school in writing within three days. In special cases a written note from a doctor may be requested.

18.Permission for an entire day's absence can be granted by the principal

19. Longer breaks, especially when due to holidays, will be permitted under special circumstances only on the basis of an application. The applicant takes responsibility for any resulting drop in the performance of a student. If a student is unable to attend classes on time after holidays due to unforeseen circumstances, the school's principal needs to be given notice immediately.

20. Homework complements classroom work, serving to strengthen and secure the previously covered ground .if the student hasn't done the home work for a long time he / she will receive official warning note. And if this continues there will be suspension from classes and might not take midterm exam. 

21. The school is following encouraging system, each class is given a star every day depend on the cleanness of the class, following class and school rules. if the class hasn't collected enough stars , the class won't be able to participate in school co curricular activities like field trips, carnivals or sport day.   

22. R.I.S. reserves the right to allow or require admission to former students who left the school or transferred to other schools but seeking re-admission. Returning students are required to undergo new school administered entrance examinations as per the admission and enrollment procedures of new students. 


Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for failure to adhere to the above rules.