Admission and Registration


Admission to RIS is open to all students who meet its specific standards (Entrance Exam in Math and English), requirements and regulations as expressed in this web-site.

As per the instruction from the Administration Office, the procedures for admission are as follows: 

-  Oral information is extended to the parents concerned and also an admission forms is issued prior to the admission formalities.

-  Admission for Kindergarten and school are done as per the instructions received from the Ministry of Education.

-  Admissions are granted on the basis of performance in the entrance exam conducted under the supervision of principal and teachers of English and Math. The entrance exam will be based on the syllabus of the preceding class to which admission is sought. Applicant tests are assessed by the teachers and the parents are informed about the results. If a candidate secures 50% or more, then he/she is suitable for admission. If the candidate fails to secure 50%, parents are informed about the weaknesses and thereby a written undertaking is being requested to improve the respective areas, the student could be accepted with conditions.

Registration procedures


Important Notes:


Students intending to transfer to other schools during the year must notify the school principal in writing at least a month before leaving the school. Request of transcript of records, certifications, recommendation letters, etc will be arranged by the school registration office within a week from the official request. Clearance form duly filled out is a prerequisite for the release of records.