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In K.G Section

  •      The homeroom teacher and administration staff contacts parents via the phone calls or by sending notifications, or text messages.
  •      Parents - teachers' conference are conducted twice a year.
  •       School conducts two surveys per year for parents aiming to gather opinions, suggestion and recommendations of parents regarding students and school .




The school is following the American curriculum.  Teachers use English for teaching and interacting all school day long. We use units program that makes learning more organized, fun and easy. The curriculum includes English Language, Math, Science and General Knowledge, Computer, Arabic, Art activities and rhymes to learn through fun. We have a consolidated weekly plan for every week that shows everything children are going to learn including stated homework.

The teacher sends the English homework book on Saturday and Monday .And the Math homework book on Sunday and Tuesday. All the books on Wednesday for more focusing and memorizing.

Kindergarten Activities

Morning Assembly :

Every thing,beginning at 7:00 ,the KG Section starts the day with a morning assembly .We begin by reading the Quran, followed by the Saudi National Song .Songs in both English and Arabic are song

Break Fast Time:

Students have their own break fast in their classrooms. The classroom teacher/assistant teacher stay with them to teach them important life skills that are an integral part of the curriculum. Table manners, eating politely,washing hands before and after eating.

Outdoor play:

Outdoor play is just as important to a child's learning as the time they spend in their classrooms so children are scheduled for outdoor play daily.

Calendar/Circle Time - Daily Routine .

Each morning begins with attendance , Calendar Time - Daily Routine. Introducing students to the concept of time ,season ,and weather is the main objective for calendars Time .Teachers also introduce new concepts, review letters ,numbers ,counting ,patterns, and colors often using mathematic units .

Center time:

Children are able to make guided choices about their activities in the classroom .The teacher provides areas that focus on a particular skill the children will need to develop successfully. Center time provides the children with opportunities to develop social skills,creativity,independence,math,science,along with furthering their oral language skills .

Islamic Education:

During the time they spend with their Arabic teacher , the children will also be receiving Islamic education .

Lesson Time

Stories , group discussions, games and activities using creative instruction and allow for maximum participation of all children .


Structure Activity Time:

Planned activities, designed to implement the curriculum,take place within the numerouse learning centers were small group of children work individually,together,or were the teacher or assistant . .

Field Trips:

Our Field Trips at school are organized in way to relate the trips to the classroom lessons and have our students experience real life learning .The field trips are scheduled throughout the school year for each level and notification of these plans will be made to the parents by school notices, or circulars.